Backers & Partners

Metagame Ecosystem

AMD -Global Semiconductor and Gaming Giant

  • FSR2.0 Tech Support & 200k Grant

EPIC GAMES - Leading Game Dev. & Publisher

  • UE5 Tech Support & 100k Grant

IGN - Media/Marketing Support

  • #1 Destination for video game news, expert reviews, and walkthroughs

MYSTEN LABS - Initial Developer of the Sui Network

  • #1 Open-World ARPG Game on Sui Network
  • 100% Tech Support & Equity Investment

MICROSOFT AZURE - Startups Founders Member

  • 150k Credits for Azure, unlimited use of Playfab, OpenAI services and prioritize Xbox/XGP publishing.

PORTALVERSE NETWORK - Decentralized Cloud Gaming Network

  • Cloud-Native Gaming Tech Support
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